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Strange and Unfortunate

An urban beekeeper has to contend with strange surroundings! As in the NYTimes, by Susan Dominus, ……And then this. Her bees, the ones she had been raising in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and on Governors Island since May, started coming home … Continue reading

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Wiki Bee Leaks

SOURCE: Fast Company The world honey bee population has plunged in recent years, worrying beekeepers and farmers who know how critical bee pollination is for many crops. A number of theories have popped up as to why the North American … Continue reading

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GMO’s, the World knows…..why not the U.S.

Bee demise – Are GMOs the missing link? – Sierra Club press release, March 22 2007 Are honey bees the canary in the coal mine? What are honey bees trying to tell us that we should pay attention to? One … Continue reading

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We All Have a Hand in CCD

Although a 2009 article, it once again shows the influence of pesticides on the bees and therefore on us,not only the consumer of their product but employer of their pollination. Scientists Untangle Multiple Causes of Bee Colony Disorder         From Environment … Continue reading

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EPA and Bayer Sued for Bee Deaths

Home Validated Independent News Op-Ed Press Release Project Censored International Project Censored Chapters Validated Independent News Researched by Kerry Headley The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has evidence of connections between pesticides and the mysterious honey bee die-offs known as “colony … Continue reading

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Dance of the Honeybee

About one third of the crops in the U.S. need the domesticated European honey bee (Apis mellifera) to thrive, but its numbers have greatly declined after the emergence of the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder in 2006. Honey Bees and Beekeeping … Continue reading

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