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Fall Splits, Queens and Swarms

Got good news for folks down south. Fall increases are worth your time. Fall breed Queens generally out preform their spring counterparts. Fall bred queens are usually better mated because more drones are available and the Queen introduced in September … Continue reading

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Sorry, No Bee Removals at This Time – April 2011

At this time we can not do removals. We strongly urge you to let the bees live. If they are in a place that they are not too bothersome think about leaving them. Otherwise try to find someone to remove … Continue reading

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2011 radical change now!

To create a new society, we have to figure out ways to resist the social structures and institutions that oppress people and are destroying the earth. We have to create alternative institutions that can meet people’s needs based on cooperation, … Continue reading

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The Budda Teaches

Like the Bee and the Flower Let the wise man live in the flower of his village, like the bee, gently taking flowers’ honey, but not harming the blossom and it’s colour and scent. From Bee-Hexagon A movie worth seeing….. … Continue reading

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