Fall Splits, Queens and Swarms

Got good news for folks down south.

Fall increases are worth your time. Fall breed Queens generally out preform their spring counterparts. Fall bred queens are usually better mated because more drones are available and the Queen introduced in September is “rearing” to go laying lots of early spring eggs.

Check it out!


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2 Responses to Fall Splits, Queens and Swarms

  1. felix torres says:

    I would like to know what are your prices for your Queens and Nucs. and if you ship to this zip code. 00956. thanks you.
    Felix Torres

    • buttsbees says:


      I will check to see if there are any shipping restrictions to Puerto Rico. (As part of the US I don’t see why not) $25.00 each bred queen from March-June.
      $20.00 each virgin from March-June. I have to check on shipping. You e mail me at buttbees at gmail dot com if you have more questions. You can also visit our other site, http://buttsbees.blogspot.com

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